General Sales & Services Agent – Cargo

One of the newest products offered by APG, Cargo is gaining worldwide interest by airlines interested in incremental revenue on regular a non-regular flights, at a lower per unit (per kilo) cost.

Our Cargo GSSA product offers worldwide coverage with local cargo knowledge, offering individual or “a-la-carte” services that include commercial representation, cargo handling and CASS management services.

With the largest worldwide coverage in the Cargo GSSA industry, the financial support of APG and the local expertise of our APG Network, APG Cargo is the perfect partner for your airline.

Target Audience

On-line and off-line carriers looking to increase revenue through higher cargo sales and innovative market development.


APG Cargo aims to reduce costs and assertively increase cargo revenue, providing a point of contact in each market. APG Cargo GSSA services may include:

  • Targeted sales and marketing activities
  • Negotiation of commercial agreement with worldwide and regional Freight Forwarders, as well as “local heroes”.
  • Airline product training and local/regional brand development.
  • Interactive Space Management between airline, GSSA, handling agents and forwarders.
  • Coordination of handling agents and feeder trucking services.
  • Cargo Revenue Management
  • Import and Export handling and administration.
  • Market Intelligence Reporting.
  • Out-of-the-box creative marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns.
  • Presence at major exhibitions.


  • Local knowledge and worldwide coverage.
  • Maximize cargo capacity (Loadfactor) and Revenue per ATK for the client airline.
  • Exceed revenue targets established by the client airline.
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