APG Spain is part of the global APG Network

spanning over 170 countries around the world.

A single network with a global reach

With offices in both Barcelona and Madrid, and representing more than 15 airlines, we are part of the worldwide APG network and one of the region’s leading airline  representation, GSA. APG Spain not only provides airline representation services but also BSP services to many airlines plus management of the APG’s interline e-ticketing platform in Spain.
More than a GSA, APG offers a holistic approach to airline distribution, offering not only  airline representation but also interline e-ticketing solutions, fare filing, BSP support services, payment solutions with UATP as well as other airline distribution solutions, all aimed at maximising an airline’s revenue potential whilst also maintaining strong yield levels.

Billion USD Revenue Generated

APG is an airline focused and results driven network. We understand your requirements and will reflect your philosophy and best working practices in our activities as your partner

Global Distribution Products

APG provides a wide range of distribution products including GSSA, IET, BSP, ARC and TCH services, allowing airlines to minimize cost and benefit from linked up distribution solutions.

Local Offices

APG has the most extensive network worldwide with over 25 years experience in our field covering all continents and reaching over 170 countries worldwide on behalf of our customers

Airline Clients

APG is always at the forefront of distribution development and all of our key products are used by over 200 airlines and our latest systems will assist airlines unlock the benefits of NDC.

Ticket many more airlines on BSP Spain with APG IET GP-275

When ticketing flights on GP, simply book your chosen flights through your GDS in the normal way and then choose GP as the ticketing option. Your GDS will display GP as a ticketing option in cases where we have agreements with all of the airlines in your PNR. You can not only book flight combinations with our partner airlines but also issue individual sectors for airlines who do not participate in BSP UK or BSP Ireland or for whom you do not have Ticket Authority.

What do people say about APG?

…APG provides a great way for our airline members to distribute their product much more widely than they could do otherwise, because often participating in the BSP is an expensive prospect if you don’t have high volumes but APG provides a way that airlines can do that, so it’s a real value add for the industry…

Tony Tyler, 6th Director General, IATA

Nuestros productos

APG delivers tailored solutions to grow your revenues, improve your yields and increase your market penetration, all on a pay as you earn basis


ABCS , es un producto desarrollado por APG Network en cooperación con IATA como una manera de incrementar el número de miembros de BSP en los mercados secundarios y terciarios


APG Platform es una plataforma de distribución que puede ayudar a las compañías aéreas a generar ingresos adicionales mediante la venta de servicios auxiliares aéreos y no aéreos combinados


El último producto de nuestra creciente cartera es un producto de distribución híbrido, GET combina varios de nuestros servicios ya existentes. Se ha desarrollado tras consultar con nuestras compañías aéreas asociadas.


Nuestro producto GSSA ofrece servicios de representación y gestión comercial de carácter mundial, globalmente, por región o para cada país. Nuestros servicios de GSSA también van “mano a mano” con nuestros otros productos de APG


APG-IET es una plataforma interline que utiliza la placa GP-275 para emitir un número ilimitado de vuelos de diferentes compañías aéreas en un ÚNICO billete. Sin cargos ni inscripción.a emitir un número ilimitado de vuelos de diferentes compañías.

Every year, APG holds the APG World Connect airline distribution conference, attended by over 500 senior representatives from the airline industry including around 100 senior airline managers, representatives of global travel groups as well as many other senior representatives from different sectors of the aviation industry. In 2019, the event will again return to Monaco at the beginning of November when we will be celebrating the 11th anniversary of the event’s launch.

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