APG Platform 

APG NDC Compliant Distribution Platform

APG Platform is a Distribution Platform which can assist airlines to generate additional revenue by selling air and non air ancillaries combined as well as benefiting from distribution in new markets at lower distribution costs. Uniquely, the APG Platform is promoted and supported in over 150 countries by the APG Network. ​The APG Distribution Platform is NDC compliant under the newest XML technology and follows all IATA standards.


Target Audience

  • All scheduled airlines
  • Both NDC and non-NDC capable airlines


  • ​Lower your distribution costs with API connectivity
  • Combines an IT platform with a worldwide sales network
  • Opens up new markets
  • Facilitates direct web sales
  • Global promotion of your airline as an APG Platform partner
  • Combines air and non-air products
  • Open to scheduled or charter airlines with an API (NDC compliant or non compliant)
  • Variable cost based on delivered revenue
  • Secure revenue payment via ICH​


A la Carte Platform with the following options:

  • Direct Dynamic package on existing web site
  • Direct Dynamic package + web site
  • Ancillaries within existing  flight booking engine
  • Total outsourcing
  • Indirect distribution through web services including integration support and monitoring
  • Applicable in BtoB to IATA or non IATA agencies
  • Sales support Help Desk centrally and locally
  • Fullfillment for transactions including non-air ancillaries
  • Negotiation with worldwide non-air Suppliers
  • Collection and Reporting
  • Coverage of agency defaults

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