General Sales & Services Agent

The cornerstone of our World Program since 1991, our GSSA product offers world standard commercial representation and management services – globally, by region, or for an individual country. Our GSSA services also go “hand in glove” with our other APG products which provide access to the relevant area settlement system (ARC or BSP) or distribution via our APG IET product to facilitate ticketing in smaller markets, all to achieve maximum revenue results.


Target Audience

  • Established airlines of any size: smaller and seasonal “Online” markets; global “Offline” markets
  • For Start-up & Regional airlines; global markets.



The product aims to reduce costs, improve the customer experience and aggressively grow revenue levels, providing a point of contact in each market. APG GSSA services may include:

  • Full sales and marketing activities including targeted sales calls
  • Ticketing and reservation facilities
  • Product training and regional brand development
  • Market intelligence reporting
  • Negotiating commercial agreements with travel trade
  • Negotiating and managing Interline relationships, Special Prorate Agreements
  • Creative marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Formulating local fares/pricing structure
  • Targeted revenue growth
  • Presence at major exhibitions
  • Media liaison



  • Exceed revenue targets established by the client airline.
  • Increase awareness and create a positive perception of the airline in the target markets
  • Generate traffic from all market sectors as applicable, including: Interline, Internet (OTAs), Consortia, Consolidators, Tour Operators, Travel Management Companies, Corporate Travel Departments and retail travel agents
  • Attain preferred carrier/supplier status
  • By appropriate segmentation, ensure maximum revenue and yield

Domestic flights through África and connections from Paris to África.

 Flights from Toulouse and Lorient

Flights from Madrid to Polynesia. Connections with Polynesia from its base in Paris

Direct flights from Barcelona and Palmato Feroe Island. Connectionsto Noruega, Dinamarca, Islandia.

Flights from Estambul to International destinations

Domestic flights through Brasil

Domestic and international flights from JKT and HLP

Domestic and international flights from Cambodia

Domestic flights through Laos and connections to Thailand and Vietnam. Air Pass a greatchoiseto visitAsia.

From Kuala and Selangor fly to Vietnam, Australia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, China

Flights to Manila with connection from Barcelona to Madrid via London.

Domestica nd international flights from Bangkok (DMK) to Singapore, Yakarta, Bali, Yangon, Guangzhou. Etc.

Scheduled flights from Canadá to the United States, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean and Europe (Paris and London)

Connections with the main cities of China:Xiamen, Beijing and a total of 60 destinations in Asia. Direct flight Ámsterdam – Xiamen

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