Faly Mesa

General Manager

Faly Mesa has an extensive experience in the aircraft industry, with more than 28 years in the aviation word. During these years dedicated to air lines representations as a GSSA, she worked with more than 45 airlines.
For 16 years she was member of the board of ALA (Spanish Airlines association).
In 1991 was one of the founding members of APG (Air Promotion Group

It is a pleasure to welcome you on board of APG SPAIN. Our team , with more than 30 years of experience in the airline industry, works with renewed illusion and total commitment to ensure the response meets the requirements of airlines which rely on us. Our spirit and our way of understanding the business in the air transport sector, makes us experts, leading  in the Spanish market as General Agents and representatives .  We are proud of what we  have achieved along our long history and this acts as a competitive advantage to our customers.

Thanks to the effort and motivation of our skilled team, we are able to give a more timely and faster response to the needs of our customers. We enjoy a consolidated relationship with the major actors of the tourism & corporate industry in our country.

Our goal: drive the airlines ,that trust us, to reach as further as possible by providing their customers with a profitable and competitive service with the maximum quality

Paquita Castillo

Commercial & Marketing Director

Cristina Álvarez

Madrid Manager

Eva alcudia

Operations Manager

Joanna Starovich

Booking Manager

Alex Bove 

Business Administrator

Guillem Gil 

Administration & Finances

Collaborating Communication Agency 

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