The way to recover interline agreements
los through IATA´s E-Ticketing policy

The latest product in our growing portfolio and a hybrid distribution product, IET+ combines a number of our existing facilities. It has been developed following consultation with our airline partners and offers an access to far away markets in order to create an incremental revenue.

​Specially designed to extend the commercial presence into tertiary territories, APG IET+ is a single solution for all remaining markets where airlines do not have their own offices or a GSA presence. Should they be present into the BSP or ARC, then the tickets will be issued on the Airline’s plate, if not tickets will be issued on the GP (code 275) plate which is the tool used for the IET (Interline Electronic Ticketing) program.


Target Audience

Airlines who have already set up a presence (own office or GSA) in their key markets but have not maximized revenue opportunities in all other markets, and are looking for a simple “one-stop shop” solution with minimal administration.



  • Incremental revenue by developing brand new markets considered too remote by the airline client
  • Improve the airline’s yield by limiting fares to full published fares only
  • Provides indicator of potential sales in targeted markets



Under one single agreement, airlines can enjoy basic commercial and distribution services which include:

  • ​BSP entry through the ABCS program, if not currently members, costs paid by APG and deducted from the first sales
  • Presence in the APG IET program
  • Weekly E-mail to all IATA travel agents in the local language
  • Basic help desk support in each country via GDS tool
  • Enhanced help desk support where CRS of the airline is supplied
  • Sales via BSP/ARC/TCH
  • Very flexible agreement with only a 90 days notice period for cancellation or modifications

APG provides the airline with 80% of the revenue from higher booking classes (excluding taxes, fees, charges and agent commission), all of which will be generated from published fares which offer above average yield.

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