Airline Distribution & Sales Training Courses
(Financial flows, tools, practices, actors)
You will find here, and nowhere else,
a popularized course module that fits your need.

After more than 20 years on the airline distribution market, leading a worldwide network of experts in airline distribution and actors in travel agencies, APG has decided to share its experience and knowledge with any people involved or interested in its industry. 

Merging information, data and knowledge from its passionated people on the field, and from airline industry’s experts, APG has built a unique database of courses to address the training needs of people around the world. 

Complementary, but not in competition with other dedicated tools trainings or IATA’s courses, APG Academy provides popularized courses about distribution topics . 

Are you a manager or an executive in the air transport industry, or quite simply curious of knowing the processes underlying this industry? 

APG Academy has adopted the most recent Learning Management Systems (LMS) LMS technologies.

Technologies are constantly evolving and e-learning has welcomed a great number of improvements with new technologies.

This allows you to get its benefits compared to older systems used today by competitors.

Rather than to do it ourselves we have preferred to focus on the content, which is our most valuable knowledge, and to call for technologies experts to bring you the most efficient online learning service.

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A language course close to your native language…
Because we think that you will learn better in your native language, one of our main targets is to provide courses in as many language as we can.
However, this is a huge amount of work to guarantee a quality in this highly technical topics. This is why we go progressively.
Let us know which language would fit better your training need and we’ll let you know when this language will be available.

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