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APG-IET is an interline hub which uses their own plate GP275 to issue an unlimited number of flights with different Airlines in a single ticket without any aditional fee



  •  • Issuance of companies not present in the BSP of Spain.
  •  • Access to companies not authorized for e-tkt in GDS.
  • Flight combinations with airlines where no interline agreements exists.
  • • Issuance  with GP plate in the different GDS: Amadeus, Galileo- Travelport, Sabre….
  •  • Payment with the main credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Amex and UATP although the operating company does not accept credit cards. 
  • • Revalidation and automatic reimbursements. 
  • • List of associated airlines at www.apgiet.com or in Amadeus with the TGAD-GP entry. 



  • In the event of flight cancelations ,GP is the link between the agent and the operating airline We will offer full refund or flight change without fees , always in line with airline procedure
  • Flexible refund and ADM policies GP capability for automatic refunds or indirect via BSPlink.
  • Full cover in the event of airline bankruptcy when a ticket is  issued under GP stock ,  GP will be responsible to refund the not flown segment.  APG Airlines (GP) has an exclusive 

    10.000.000 € insurance policy  with GAN European leading  insurance Company 

  • Full insurance against denied boarding for technical issues Full refund of not used coupon and  reimbursement of the difference ( if any) up to 125€ of the new ticket bought.
  • A renowned global network  with more than 25 years experience offering full local support. APG supports APG IET through our global network of over 100 offices meaning you have a local sales representative to provide full sales support . Our offices also provide local helpdesk support on a local number in your local language and also 
  • The hellpesk in our head quarter in Paris.

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